07 tips on choosing an epic domain name- Different domain extensions

07 tips on choosing an epic domain name

A domain name gives your visitors the first impression of your website. But choosing a domain is no easy task. It requires a lot of brainstorming and sometimes we research for weeks in finding a perfect domain (it certainly was me).

Choosing a good domain is crucial but believe me, overthinking this is a waste of time. I’ve written this post to walk you through some simple steps to find a perfect domain in a much shorter time.

Using tools

There are many great tools to generate a domain name. Using these tools can save you a lot of time and might give you a perfect domain that you never could have thought about. Use NameMesh or Nameboy that will generate hundreds of available domain name relevant to your niche.

I’ve simply searched for travel and it gives me all these suggestions.

07 tips on choosing an epic domain name- domain name generator

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Avoid narrowing

Suppose, you are starting out with yoga niche and planning to add other niches over time. Don’t use yoga in the domain, it will limit you to sell only yoga products.

Instead, if you use anything related to health and fitness then you can add other niches in this category like meditation, bodybuilding, dieting, etc.

Easy to remember

Don’t’ pretend to be smarter than you already are. Avoid complicated names and make it simple. You should prefer shorter names to make it more memorable so that the customer can revisit your store without any trouble.

Let’s suppose I somehow landed on your blog and like what you offer. I could easily capture your domain if it’s easy to remember. But if you have a name that only you can pronounce then it can be hard for me to revisit again. (yes bookmarking is another option but how many times we revisit the bookmark page)

Avoid hyphens and number

People are not accustomed to using a hyphen. It can again cause recall issue for your visitors. Hyphen also makes it hard for a word of mouth advertising. The same is also true for using numbers in your domain.

Have you ever seen a quality website with a hyphen or a number? I haven’t. Most of the times it denotes a low-quality website. If you ever plan to resale your domain then you won’t get a good value.

Domain name extension

Extensions are suffixes that are used after your domain. .com domain is by far the most popular but it’s hard to get your preferred name with this extension. There are many other popular extensions which can also be a good option.

.co- It is mainly used by companies.

.info- Most of the informational sites use this extension.

.biz- Used for business and commercial purpose.

.org- Used by non-profit organizations.

.net- Used by technical and internet sites.

.me- Used for personal blogs.

.io-This is mainly used by tech startups and has also exploded in recent years. Though it is costlier than other extensions but it can be a great option if you have the budget.

A country-specific domain like .ca (Canada) or .in (India)- If your customer is in a specific country then you could choose a domain extension for that country.

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Including SEO keyword

In the past years, Google gives preference to the domain which has a similar keyword with the search term. But this is not a viable option to consider now.

Though Google has over 200 factors for determining search rank, it won’t be wise to rule out this factor. But don’t be obsessed about it. As of now, Google gauges your website authority by the high-quality content you produce and the engagement it gets like comment or social media shares.

If you are ticking both of these boxes then the domain name won’t have an impact in your rank.

Trademark infringement

Not only you should avoid already trademarked names but also similar names related to it. This can cost you a fortune or a legal mess even if you are a rightful owner of this domain. There are a lot of websites which offers trademark search where you can find out whether this name has already been registered or not.

Just Google “search trademark” and Google will pop out all the results that offer trademark search and registration.

Additional info

Though this post is about choosing a domain name but let me quickly add a couple of things.

When registering a domain, opt-in for WHOIS protection. It will hide your personal information like name, address, contact no. from public directories. It is offered free of cost by Namecheap.

Turn the auto-renewal on. It means your domain registrar will automatically renew your domain name before its expiration. This will prevent you from losing the domain.


There are more than 1.3 billion websites and there is a good chance that the domain you’ve thought has already been taken. But use the tools and tips given in this blog to brainstorm the ideas.

Come up with 15-20 names and finally choose one. Don’t waste too much time on researching but quickly register the one which looks appealing to you. Because if you don’t act quickly somebody else will think of it.

Did I miss anything! Or what factors do you consider on choosing your domain? Comment and motivate me to write another post.

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