You can either be an internet guru or a victim

Hello Entrepreneurs,

Thank you very much for stopping by. And if you are reading my bio this means:-

  1. You liked any of my posts and wanted to know more about me.
  2.  Or you wanted to be sure whether this blog is worth your time or not.

Whatever the case is I am happy that you are here. Once you finish this post you will have a clearer picture of me and the purpose behind this blog.

My story

In working mode

Let me quickly introduce myself, My name is Ambuj vats, 26, living in India.

I’ve worked as an internet marketer for four and a half years and finally resigned to work full-time in building my own blog.

I started with a life improvement blog then shifted focus to dropshipping store in Shopify and finally started my third one (the one you are in).

I’ve worked my butt off all this time and gained a good insight about internet business. Like many others, I also encountered a lot of problems of being an online entrepreneur.

This journey is not easy, you will be faced with a lot of challenges on a daily basis. It all comes down to one single thing. Are you passionate about what you are doing, if not you won’t find the perseverance to succeed in this world?

The reality

You want to make money. Right? Let’s face reality. Here is the checklist that you need to cover- Choosing a niche, host, domain, theme, learn web designing with Shopify and WordPress, learn SEO, create marketing campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, content writing, email marketing and million other things.

The point I’m trying to make is ‘Enter this world with a correct mindset’. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. But If you are willing to work then I can promise you one thing that every effort you put will be WORTH IT.

Beware of cunning marketeer

Being a victim of many scams, I wanted to make one more point.

Think of any niche and you will find hundreds of blogs that people like you and I read for some insight but unfortunately, majority of them only focus on making money either by selling their own products or promoting some costly and overrated tools.

Be careful. Always test drive before buying. If someone doesn’t offer anything before hand then there is something wrong.

Let me rephrase it in Jeff Bezos term,

“Missionaries have righteous goals and are trying to make the world a better place. Mercenaries are out for money and power and will run over anyone who gets in the way. I would take a missionary over a mercenary any day. One of those great paradoxes is that it’s usually the missionaries who end up making more money anyway”.

Purpose of creating this blog

So the question is how can I provide some value to you? Though I don’t claim to be an absolute expert but I have traveled the same road and exactly knows the problem which arises in this journey. Being specific, I can help you with these things.

  • I’ll review your blog or e-com store for free. Test us and you will find the power of our feedback.
  • I’ll recommend you some great free tools that can save you money while also giving you insight into some premium ones which are too hard to ignore. I’ll also show you some ways to efficiently use these tools.
  • Give you tips and ideas to improve your SEO, marketing, writing, etc
  • Keep you away from cheats and scammers who are doing everything to put their hand in your pockets especially the novice entrepreneurs.
  • Save your time by making you avoid some common mistakes.

Don’t worry I’ve nothing to sell. You’ll find all of this in the blog section.

I’ll just make some affiliate commission if you decide to buy with my links while you pay the same amount. But I strongly recommend not to click the links if you don’t find the content worthy. That way you will motivate me to improve regularly.

Feel free to comment or head over to the contact section if you’ve any questions or doubts. I get very excited when someone asks something.

All the best in your journey!

Ambuj vats

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