Affiliate disclosure

Sometimes, I review and recommend some products on my blog. If the visitor decides to buy the product with my affiliate link placed in any of my blogs, I receive some commission from the vendor. The commission sometimes will be a few dollars, sometimes more or sometimes a percentage of the subscription.

The important thing is that the commission will directly come from the vendor’s pocket and the buyer doesn’t have to pay any extra penny.

I should point out one more point that every link placed in the blogs is not necessarily an affiliate link, I’ve sometimes placed a link to refer the visitor to internal source in my own website or to some external source to provide information which might be useful to the visitors.

But to maintain trust with my subscribers and visitors, I follow some set of rules before promoting any product in my blog. I only promote the product if it meets any of the below criteria.

  • I’ve personally used it and found useful.
  • Positive feedback from my subscribers.
  • Positive reviews from other customers coming from a genuine source.

There are a few reasons to place these affiliate links in my blogs.

Firstly, every online entrepreneur needs some services and tools to start and succeed in the internet business. We help them to make the right choice by suggesting the best ones.

Secondly, for the sake of maintaining this blog. Website maintenance requires paying for hosting, domain and many other tools. The cost significantly increases once the blog grows.

Thirdly, for making my own living. I work full-time in building and maintaining this blog. So it’s only fair to earn my living with these affiliate commissions.

That’s all. Thank you for reaching the end. And if you don’t like any of the product that I promote please drop me a mail on and I’ll definitely remove it if the reason seems genuine to me.

This policy was last modified on 06 May, 2019.