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Everything you Need to Know about “Amazon Affiliate Program”

Recently I read an article which claimed that the conversion rate for Amazon Prime members is 74% and non-prime members are 13%. Can you believe that? If we talk about the digital goods we consider 2-5% conversion a good number.

Amazon is the number one choice for many affiliates. There are two reasons for that- First, as mentioned it has a very high conversion rate. Second, you could find any products under the sun regardless of your niche.

If you have a blog or a vlog you can apply for their program and start making money.

But before you do that, read this post and know everything there is to know about the Amazon affiliate program. It will equip you with all the important details.

Let’s start with the joining process.

How to get started with the Amazon affiliate program

Getting started with Amazon is easy. Just go to the affiliate section of Amazon (found in the bottom) and fill up the details. Here you have to provide your website link, bank details, tax information, etc.

If you don’t have a domain yet. Here is how you can choose an epic domain name.

Once you fill up the details, you will get landed on your Amazon dashboard. Now, you just have to search the product and click ‘get link’.

Amazon also has other features like link shortener, banners, WordPress plugin and widgets section. Make sure to explore these sections.

If you have visitors from different countries then you need to individually apply for that country’s Amazon site. (more on that later)

If you haven’t found your niche yet. Here is an excellent guide to niche selection.

Amazon dashboard looks like this-

Amazon Affiliate Program Dashboard

Program features

CommissionBetween 2.5% to 10%
Cookie Period24 hours (you get a commission for any product that customer buys within this period)
90 days (if the customer added any product in the cart within 24 hours)
Payout60 days. For the January commission, you will be paid at the end of March.
EligibilityYou need to have a blog, app, YouTube channel or genuine social media account.
Sign upAmazon Associates (For

And here is the commission structure-

Amazon Affiliate Commission

How to find trending products on Amazon

Best selling items convert really well. It’s a good idea to include some of these products on your list. Here is an easy way to find the best sellers.

You just have to add bestsellers in the URL like this Now Amazon will show you all the best selling products in every category. Check the reviews, price and finally choose the best.

You could repeat this with any other Amazon sites. For Amazon India, the URL will be

Amazon Best Sellers Section

There is another way to find the best selling products. Here you have to log in to your Amazon affiliate account and there is a section called ‘Today’s Deal’ at the right-hand side. Click on it and Amazon will take you to all the products are hot at the moment.

Amazon Today's Deals Section

Quick tips on promoting Amazon products

  • Don’t select low priced products as you will need a lot of traffic to get to a significant amount. Promote a product where you can earn a good amount even if you only sell a few items.
  • Create a universal affiliate link using Genius link which will help you in generating more revenue. If a user from another country clicks your affiliate link then they will directly land to their local Amazon site. But you need to register on all Amazon sites for which you want the commission. Then only you can create a universal link. (Remember more on that later)
  • You can have a dedicated page where you feature all the hot deals. From time to time Amazon offer discounts on some categories. Keeping an eye on these products can drastically increase the sale.
  • Try to promote a product that you have personally tested and found useful. It makes you more credible. More credibility = More sales.

Dont’s of Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is pretty serious about its policies. So, I highly recommend reading their terms and condition. I know it’s boring but believe me, it’s very important.

But here are some of the common reasons for the suspension of an account. Make sure to avoid these mistakes.

  • You can’t send affiliate links on email and ebooks.
  • Always add a disclaimer in the page that some of the links are affiliate links and you will make a commission for each sale.
  • You must make 3 sales within 18o days of joining the program.
  • Don’t cloak or shorten the links. If you want a short link then Amazon has their own URL shortener section.
  • Don’t buy from your own affiliate links.
  • Don’t manually enter the price instead use Amazon API (it will always show the current price of the product). Price of Amazon products frequently gets changed. If the price on your blog differs from the original price then it’s a violation of their policy. Here is the detailed guide to using Amazon API.


Amazon is probably the most credible online store on the planet. They do everything to keep their customers happy. They provide high-quality support, cheapest price (Amazon bots are always hunting the web to make the price cheapest from their competition), quick shipping and have millions of loyal customers.

And that’s what makes them an attractive platform for us, the affiliates. Whatever niche you are in, there will always be something that you can promote and make money.

Best of luck! And if you still have some questions then let me know in the comment section.

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