Best free themes for Shopify

Best free themes for Shopify

Customers do judge your store by the appearance. A well-designed store is definitely an important factor for increasing conversions.

Your theme decides the functionality and the appearance of your site. But unfortunately, Shopify doesn’t offer a lot of free themes, ten to be specific. It’s a disappointing number but it’s what you get.

If you are starting out with a limited budget then it can be hard to afford a premium theme as most of them cost $160 or more. That’s perfectly alright, you don’t need a premium theme at the start. You could always get a premium one once you grow.

A quick note- Don’t download free themes outside Shopify. They don’t get frequent updates which makes it vulnerable for virus and malware attack. Also, the majority of them don’t have a mobile-friendly design. It’s best to stick to the Shopify free themes.

This post will enlighten you with the 4 best free themes for Shopify. All the free themes have these features in common so we’ll delve into the extra functionality offered in each theme.

Best free themes for Shopify- Common features of all themes in Shopify theme store


Best free themes for Shopify- Minimal theme

I’ve chosen this theme when I was first starting out with Shopify. It offers some pretty good features that you won’t find in any other theme. You can have a slideshow or a video on your homepage. It offers product image zoom and you could also show related products without needing to install any other app.

It has a clean design and is suitable for both small or large product stores. It comes with three style options- Vintage, Fashion, Modern. Preview these three styles and choose the one which looks appealing to you. This is also the highest rated free theme on Shopify.


Best free themes for Shopify- Brooklyn theme

This is the most popular free theme for apparel stores. It is tailor-made if you are into apparel niche. It has two styles- Classic and Playful.

It has an option to either select header slideshow or video on the home page. The layout of the products also gets changed automatically. The one feature I personally love is the option to add product in your cart without leaving the current page.


Best free themes for Shopify- Narrative theme

This theme is for the stores who has single or small number of products. The features offered by this theme is built for small catalogs.

You can tell your story by featuring an autoplay hero video on your homepage. It offers a lot of customization option like image block, quote slides etc. You can also choose fixed navigation so that when the user scrolls the menu, logo and cart won’t disappear.

It offers a full-width layout for images and also has an option to display information, blog posts in a vertical slideshow. It has three style options- Warm, light and cold.


Best free themes for Shopify- Simple theme

As the name suggests it has a very simple and clean design. This theme is a good fit for stores who has a large number of products. It has two style option- Light and Beauty.

The one feature which differentiates this theme is the sidebar menu option. If you are a fan of sidebar menus then this is your theme. The other features include product image zoom and it also shows related products on your product page.

Final thoughts

I’ve suggested you 4 themes. Let me quickly review it, If you have a store with a large number of products then Minimal and Simple are the best options. If you sell apparels then Brooklyn is the go-to theme for you. And if you have a single or few products then Narrative is the one you should choose.

When you start building your store. Spend your time and money wisely. You don’t need a premium theme to succeed in the e-com world. There are a lot of stores which are making good sales while using a free theme. But once you scale choose a premium theme depending on your requirement.

Comment if you find any other free themes that should have been in the list or your experience using these themes.

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