How to do keyword research for free

How to do keyword research for free? Ultimate guide

Ever heard of SEO? I’m pretty sure you have, that’s why you landed on this post. The very first thing you need is a great keyword for your content or product. Greater the keyword, higher will be your rank.

There are so many tools that you can use to extract all the keywords related to your niche. But the problem is that each one of them charges $100-$200 per month.

If you don’t generate decent revenue or just starting out, it’s not wise to spend so much money on these tools.

I believe in a philosophy where I start with as little money as possible and then reinvest the earned money on premium tools.

Free tools are little time consuming but you will find some great keyword ideas and you don’t have to spend a dime. I’ve tried to simplify the process so you don’t have to do everything yourself. Let’s get started with all these tools and techniques.

Google Keyword Planner

This is the most popular way to find keywords for free. To access the keyword planner you’ve to sign up for Google ad sense account (it’s free). Once you are in the keyword planner, click find new keywords. You can enter up to 10 keywords at a time. But this will make the result overwhelming. Stick with 2-5 keyword ideas.

Let’s suppose we are in a bodybuilding niche. Now these will be my keyword terms.

How to do keyword research for free- Google keyword planner

Once you click ‘Get Started’, Google will pull out all the result related to this keyword.

In this case, Google pulled out 1,677 results. You should be aware of the second and third column. It shows you the average monthly searches and the competition. If you are starting out, just have one rule of thumb- go for the terms which have more monthly searches and competition is either low or medium. It will help you to rank higher in a lesser time period.

How to do keyword research for free- Google keyword planner


If you know where to look, Google can provide you with a gold mine of keywords. There are two ways for this.

Firstly, I searched for the term ‘best bodybuilding protein’. In the search page, you find two places where Google shows you the related terms that other people are searching.

First is the ‘People also ask’ box. These are the questions people are asking on Google. You will get tonnes of ideas from this simple thing.

How to do keyword research for free- using Google

You could also head to the bottom of the page. At the bottom, Google also shows some related queries.

How to do keyword research for free- using Google

Alphabet soup

We will again take the help of Google. You know this technique already. Head over to Google and start with a question term how, when, what, which, who, etc and then your related keyword. Here is how I do it-

I searched the term ‘How to a bodybuilding’. Any of these terms can be your next content idea. Google shows these terms because people are searching for it.

How to do keyword research for free- using Google alphabet soup

You can also repeat this search by ‘How to b bodybuilding’ all the way to Z. You could put other question terms or shuffle the words. In short, you can do it any way you like.

Google Correlate

Yep, again Google. Google Correlate is not exactly a keyword finder but it provides you with the search pattern corresponding with the real world trends.

Let’s take our example ‘bodybuilding’. Now Google says that bodybuilding correlates with all of these terms.

Look at all the terms, the majority of them are not of any use but I found four terms that are worth looking. The important part is, I would have never come with these terms because I’ve no idea of their existence. Yet, I can now write about raw protein, plyometric cardio or Herbalife shakes.

If you are short of content ideas this is your go to place.

How to do keyword research for free- using Google Correlate

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is the first one outside Google. This is another excellent tool to generate thousands of keyword ideas. Take again the ‘bodybuilding term’.

It will first show you a diagram of question related to this term.

How to do keyword research for free- using Answer the public

Then it will show you the term with different prepositions.

And then it shows you the term with comparisons.

It will also show you the alphabets a-z related to your term. If I have included all the images it will be like bombarding you with visuals.

Pretty cool. Right? They don’t even need your email for this and the best part is you can download a CSV file of all these terms. But you could only search for upto 5 keywords every day with the free plan.

Suggestion Keyword Finder

If you are looking for high search keywords then Suggestion keyword finder is the go-to tool for you. It shows the keyword on three levels.

The first level shows the 10 high searched keyword, then the second level delves deeper into the 10 keywords of each keyword in level 1 and finally, the third level extracts 10 keywords of each term in level 2. So you’ll get 10+100+1000 keywords for your term.

Let’s take the same example. Level 1- It shows 10 keywords at level 1.

How to do keyword research for free- using suggestion keyword finder

Level 2- It shows 10 keywords of each term in level 1.

How to do keyword research for free- using suggestion keyword finder

Level 3- Finally it shows 10 keywords of each term of level 2.

How to do keyword research for free- using suggestion keyword finder

Keyword Sh-tter

Keyword Sh-tter does what the name says. Just type your search term and it will give you thousands of keyword term. Don’t forget to click stop once you get enough results as it will continue sh-tting keyword.

It also has two filters Positive and negative. Suppose you type ‘bodybuilding’ in the search term and add the term ‘buy’ in a positive column. Then it will show you the results that contain both ‘buy’ and ‘bodybuilding’. Negative does the opposite thing.

Searching this way can be very helpful. You could even download all these terms.

How to do keyword research for free- using keyword sh-tter

Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is a chrome extension which pulls out the monthly search for a keyword term. All the above tools will help you to get keywords or content ideas (except Google keyword planner).

But Keyword Everywhere shows you the search volume per month, CPC and competition data of all the websites. It extracts all its data from Google keyword planner.

Here I’ve done it in Google but you could get the details on any website.

How to do keyword research for free- using keyword everywhere

The other powerful way is to combine both keyword sh-tter and keyword everywhere. First, you search the term on keyword shitter and then click the keyword everywhere extension. Here is how the result appears.

How to do keyword research for free- using keyword sh-tter and keyword everywhere

You can also search for keywords globally or for a specific country. It also has the option to analyze any pages and show all the keywords of the specific page which can be helpful to analyze the keywords of your competitor’s posts and pages.

The problem with any free tool is the data are not that accurate. The data might be a month old. So don’t trust the searches blindly. But more or less they get the job done.

Wrapping up

I hope the post has given you a good insight into the keyword research. I’ve shown you 8 tools to do free keyword research. Let’s quickly review all these 8 tools.

Google, Alphabet soup and Google Correlate give you great content ideas. Whether you are looking for a question keyword or more specific term. These 3 techniques will provide you with tonnes of content ideas.

Answer the Public shows you all the question, preposition and comparison related to your keyword.

Suggestion Keyword Finder shows high searched keyword in three levels. If you want to narrow the topic then level 2 and level 3 can help you to delve deep into the keyword.

Keyword Sh-tter is another tool to get thousands of keywords in seconds.

Finally, there are two tools which show you the monthly searches for any keyword. These are the Google Keyword Planner and Keyword Everywhere.

Keyword Everywhere can be powerful when used along with Keyword Sh-tter. You can analyze any page using this tool.

Talking about Google Keyword Planner, when you have any keyword term then you could do the search in keyword planner to have an approximate number of monthly searches. It will give you an idea of whether the keyword is worth writing or not.

As we noted earlier that free tools are little time consuming compared with the premium ones but it’s worth it at the start. I suggest you to play around with all of them until you have some great keywords to write about.

Did I miss any of the tools? Or do you use any other techniques to find your keywords. Let me know in the comment section.

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  1. Wow, all I can say is I love it. You covered so many things I nevr heard of. I bookmarked your website and a bunch of useful links you have so kindly added and explained quite well. I been doing a blog myself for 6 months and today I learnt a bunch of stuff new. So congratulations in writing a great blog post.

  2. What an amazing list of keyword search tools…..didn’t realize there were so many! Which one do you actually use….I notice you didn’t make a recommendation? Like to know your thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Terry, You could play around with all of them and find the one which suits you best. You can also combine both premium and free tools to get even more keyword ideas. One way I do this is I searched for the keywords on Answer the public or Google and then put it on the premium tool to see the average volume and competition.

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