How to write about me page

How to write about me page?

If you are starting out your own blog or business. The first page you should create is an about me page. If your customer lands on any of your blogs or product page then it’s likely that they want to know more about you.

About me shows who you are and what your intent is. A great structured about me page will give you an edge on your competitors.

Every good post is written into sections. In this post, I’ll tell you how to write these different sections which will result in a killer about me page.

Your story

Everyone likes story especially if it’s a real one with real people. Tell your visitors who you are, tell them a little about your personal life and explain to them about your profession.

This is the part where your visitors should know about you. Use friendly language like you are talking with an old friend. Write everything that you are comfortable sharing with the world.

People are visual in nature. Adding your personal photo will help them to connect with you. Keep in mind that once your visitors finish this section they should know a lot about you like any of your friend.

Goal of your site

Now, It’s time to tell them the reason behind your blog. Suppose if you are in a niche related to dog’s accessories. Tell them-

Why have you started this blog? Why you love dogs? The first instance where you are given a dog. Share photo with your dogs. How much experience you have in raising a dog? How have you learned this skill? Have you read a lot of books or took a course about this?

Answer these question in details but don’t make an essay out of this. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about your niche. Just share with them why are you passionate about this niche? If you are not even passionate, then I’ll suggest you to change your niche and find something else.

Why you want to help people

This is an important part. You told them about you, you share with them your passion. Now is the time to tell them how you can provide value to them.

Share with them the problems you have faced in this niche. How you have gathered the knowledge about it. Share any favourite books or movies that helped you in your problem. Now tell them the solutions you can offer to these problems.

Write this section with a motive that once your visitor finishes this section they should have a feeling that you are the person that can solve their problem. In other words, prove to them that you are the authority in this area.

Don’t try to be salesy here. Write genuinely or people will sense that they can’t trust you.

The action

By this time your visitors know a great deal about you and your blog. Now you want to wrap things up. Thank them for reading your bio and ask them to share their own story on the comment section.

When the reader finished your post you have to point them to take some sort of action. It might be an email subscription, product page or any blog posts.

The point is, the reader should not go blank after they finish reading. If someone has read till the end then it’s most likely that the visitor already likes you. You have built a little trust with them.

Now, you have three major sections of your blog and you wrap the things in the fourth section. Stay with me I am not finished. I am heading to the editing part.

The editing part

Depending on the type of writer you are, you might have already edited your posts many times to get to the perfect one. I am sorry but it’s not perfect and it still needs improvement. Here’s how-


Cut the words by 20-30%. If you have written a thousand-word post then try to make it 700 words. Why? It will increase the pace of your writing and will make it more punchy and effective.

Remember, writing is easy, editing is incredibly hard. The first draft is almost the same for everyone but it is the editing that differentiates a good writer from the average one. Here’s the quotation from the famous philosopher Blaise Pascal.

“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.”

The short paragraph

It’s the obvious one but very important. Make your content scannable, use short paragraphs not more than two or three sentences. You could also use bullet points or number to state a few points. Web reading is different than books. Readers get terrified looking at a massive post.

Some extra tips

Ignore links

Adding external links is a big no and adding affiliate links in this page is a crime. Your visitors will lose trust with you. What could have been a potential customer for you might never come back to your site.

However, you could use internal links to point your readers to your blog posts or your product page. But don’t overuse it, one or two is more than enough.

Take inspiration

Getting inspiration is not bad. Read the about page of the blogs you like. See how are they structured and what kind of tone they have used. You will get a great idea of your about page once you’ve read several of these.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, the above tips will help you in creating an epic about page. As I always say don’t spend more time in it. Just follow the steps and write what you can. Remember, this is not permanent, you will edit it several times as you gain more knowledge and expertise.

Comment if you have any doubts or share the link of your about page. We’ll be looking forward to what you have to say.

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