How to Write your First Blog Post?

I still remember my first blog post. I was in a full-time job and desperately wanted to quit. Then I thought why not start my own blog but I had never written any content before except email or messages.

Anyway, I signed up for a free account and took some basic training and finally wrote down a post ‘My First Blog Post’. I shared with the WordPress community and got a few likes and some comments.

Once I advanced in my learning and read that post again. I realized how bad it was written. I would have shared the link but I’ve deleted it a while ago out of embarrassment.

Coming back to you, I assume you’ve already decided your niche and set up your site. Now you want to write your first blog post.

How does it feel when your first post gains some shares, comments and even acquire some readers. It’s a wonderful feeling. But that is only possible if your post provides something extraordinary to your readers. And that is what we’ll be discussing in this post.

Writing first blog post includes Idea, plan and action

Creating a blog post has three steps. More or less everything falls in these three steps.

  1. Blog Post Ideas
  2. Content Creation and Optimization
  3. Driving Traffic

First Blog Post Ideas

Any content starts with an idea. Here are some of the ideas for your first post.

Ultimate Guides

If you are passionate about something then you can do some research and write an ultimate guide relevant to your niche. Make sure that your content is 5x good than any other posts written on that topic.

About you

If you don’t have anything to say yet, then share your own story. Share a few things about yourself, the problem you faced in this area and the purpose behind starting your blog. Once you finish it make it you’re about me page. Also, include one or two pictures of yourself. It makes your post more personal and authentic

Research the Problem

What problems do people face in your niche? Offer them a solution to these problems. People love when you make their life easy. You could use Q&A sites like Quora or Reddit to find these problems or you might even share your own troubles.

Review the Products you Love

If you know of a product in your niche that you love then write a detailed review on it. The product might be digital or physical but it should be something that you have personally used and found useful.

Talk to Experts

Let’s say you are in a yoga niche. Here you can talk to many experts asking for their opinion on Yoga. Talk to your local Yoga guide or connect online with Yoga teachers or you might contact the famous blogs of Yoga.

Then publish a post containing all these opinions. Make sure to mention their name and link to their site. It’s a little time taking but the reward is much higher and these type of posts are evergreen.

Mistakes to Avoid

Whatever niche you are in, there will always be some mistakes that people make. Let’s take the bodybuilding example. When people start hitting the gym, what type of mistakes do they commit? Is it related to diet? Or maybe doing a certain workout that they should avoid. Make a list of all these mistakes and construct it in a post format.

Book Recommendation

Do you love books? If yes then suggest some books that are a must-read for people interested in your niche. Do some synopsis of each book and also provide a link to buy these books.

Interview with an Influencer

Find out the influencers in your area. And mail them that you liked their work and whether they will able to do a quick interview with you. Mail them the questionnaire and then publish it on your site. You might have to mail a lot of influencers before you get a response.

Tutorials and Guides

When I started this blog, I heavily depend on free resources. Some were great and some not so great. But in the process, I came to know about a lot of guides and courses that are real gems. And I have shared that in my free training page. So if you know of a few guides or courses that people might find useful then go ahead and recommend it to your readers.

I’ve recently written a post on finding content ideas using 12 simple ways. It might be helpful in your future posts.

Content Creation

Now, that you have an idea for your post, it’s time to create compelling content. Your focus should be on three things- Heading, Body and SEO optimization.

WordPress Add New button- Writing first blog post


I see many writers writing a post without a heading. Your writing will look directionless unless you are an expert. Brainstorm the ideas and pick one which is most relevant to what you will be writing. If you find a better heading later, go ahead and change it.

It’s also important to write a heading that should capture your reader’s attention. Don’t make it like million others but craft it in a way that clearly stands out of the crowd.

Here is a detailed post to craft an irresistible heading.

Body- Making a template

Now, that you have a heading for your content. It’s time to make a template for your post. I won’t say that making a template is necessary but it will make your writing much easier.

Let’s say we are reviewing a certain product. My template would be something like this.

Introduction- What you are going to say in the post?

Features– Write all the top features of the product.

Pros- Mention the benefits of using this product.

Cons- Remember you are providing honest feedback. Write all the things that you don’t like about it? It might be some additional features that you want to see in the future or the service quality of their support.

Pricing- Mention the pricing.

Do you recommend it- At last tell them if you recommend the product or not. Give a rating if you want.

CTA– Now, that your reader has finished reading, what you want them to do. Subscribe to your newsletter, a link to the product page, follow button, etc. The point is that readers should not go blank after finishing your post. You should provide a clear direction of what you want them to do.

Now, you have a blueprint and the only thing you need to do is fill up these sections with your experience and research.

Quick Note- I would have included a section for doing keyword research before writing your post. But this is your first post, follow your heart and write whatever you want to write. Because later in your journey you will be trapped with doing keyword research before every single post. In case you still want to do keyword research. Here is the ultimate guide for doing keyword research without any premium tool.

How long should your blog post be?

I am afraid this is the question that only you can answer. The rule of thumb is to write naturally and don’t get stressed out over the length. But here are the tips that can help you to decide the length of your post.

What type of content you are writing?

Ask yourself the type of content you are writing. If you are writing a product review then 1500-2000 words can pretty much cover many things about the product.

Or you might be writing an ultimate guide that might be 4000-6000 words.

Who is your target audience?

If you have a defined audience then you know a lot about what they want. Do they seek some general information or they want to go deeper into it?

If your readers are passionate about this area, then they will love a deep analysis of the topic. On the other hand, if someone is just looking for some information then they won’t spend their time reading a 5000 words article. Do they?

What message or opinion you want to convey?

Take the example of this post. Here I want my readers to know everything that is necessary to write a first blog post. I cannot give some general 10-12 tips on writing a post. They will soon abandon the site and probably never come back.

So, before starting this post. I have a very clear intent that I want to share all the experience I have plus everything that I found with my little research.

SEO Optimization

Getting traffic from search engine takes time but once you start hitting the first page, the traffic will drastically increase. So, it’s better to take care of SEO right from the start. Here are some basic things to get started with SEO.

Google Analytics Dashboard- Writing first blog post

Link your content

Internal and external linking of your content is very important for SEO and your readers. Whenever you read a blog you will find many links inside a post. Many of these are internal links that will take you to another post in the same site and some of them are external links which will take you to other sites for some additional information on the topic.

Once Googlebot crawls your content then they will follow these links and it will help Google to better understand the context of your post resulting in improved rankings in search engines.

From the readers perspective, they will get a lot of value from your post as now they have access to all the resources they need in this topic.

As this is your first post, you won’t be able to add internal links but what you can do is to find some extraordinary posts and sources and link out to them. Don’t be afraid of sending your visitors away. Instead, focus on providing as much value as you can. Trust me, they will become repeat visitors to your blog.

Meta Title and Meta Description

Meta title and description are what visitors see in the search page and that makes it super important. How well you have written your title and description will decide how many organic visitors you get in your site.

In short, Better the title and description higher will be Click-through rate.

In case you don’t know, CTR is the metrics which measure the number of clicks you get per the number of impressions.

Though it will only be visible once you start ranking on search engines. But you should write both of these before publishing your post. It will help Google to better understand your content.

Install a plugin ‘All in one SEO‘ or ‘Yoast‘. It will make it easy to write the title and description.

Example of Meta Title and Meta Description- Writing first blog post

Alt Tag

If you have images in your post then you should consider adding Alt tag in all these images. It will again help in SEO.

If you are using WordPress, upload the image in the block editor and once you click the image it will show the option to enter Alt tag in the right-hand side.

Write the tag which is relevant to the image. Now, if anyone searches with this term in Google Images then your image will start appearing in the search page.

How to drive traffic?

You know the most heartbreaking part of blogging “There is no one to read your content”.

You have put your blood and sweat to create an extraordinary piece of content. But what good it is if nobody reads it.

Getting organic traffic is out of the question. Google at least take 3-6 months to send you a decent amount of traffic. But there are a few ways which can help you to acquire some visitors.

Social media platforms

If you are comfortable then share your post on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Tell your friends that this is your first post on ‘this’ topic. Ask them for their feedback. Gathering all these feedbacks can help you a lot in writing your future posts.


Don’t underestimate the power of commenting. It can help you in many things like making a relationship with the writer, honing your writing skills, getting some content ideas by the questions in the comment section.

For now, we focus on the most important part that is driving traffic to your post.

Find the blogs related to your niche. Here we want a post that is new and doesn’t have many comments. Google Alerts and Feedly will update you once someone publishes a post relevant to your niche.

Keep these things in mind before commenting

  1. The post should be related to your niche.
  2. The post has a comment section.
  3. You have set up a Gravatar profile for the email you are using to comment.
  4. When you click the comment box, it has a separate box to add your site URL.
  5. The name of the commenter should be clickable. You could check this by clicking the names of other previous commenters.
  6. If there is no option to enter the URL then add a link in the comment box. The link should be relevant to the comment (might be of any post). The bottom line is to make it look natural, not spammy.
  7. Make an account on Disqus. Many sites have implemented Disqus as a commenting platform.
  8. The total number of comments should be less than 10. Less is always great.

This is what I mean. Now, when someone clicks on your name then it will take them to the URL you provided in this section.

Commenting sections- Writing first blog post

And for god sake don’t just write- great post, thank you, thanks for sharing, etc.

Your comment should be the longest of all others and provide some value to the readers. It might appear something like this.

My comment on another post- Writing first blog post

Don’t expect to drive thousands of traffic from this but 8-10 comments can easily drive 30-100 unique visitors (depending on the quality of your comment). This is a great number considering this is your first post.


This is incredibly hard since you are just a post old in this business. But it’s worth trying, even if one influencer shares your post then BAM, thousands of visitors in a matter of few hours.

The best thing you can do is find influencers in social media. Follow them, share their articles, subscribe, comment on their blogs or vlogs. In short, make a genuine relationship with them.

After that, send a personal e-mail telling them that you liked their work and wondering if they will be interested in reading your article.

If you get an answer then share the URL, ask them to share it only if they liked the post.

You might have to do this for quite some time until you find someone who is interested in sharing.

Again, make sure the content is 5x good than any other posts on that topic.

I would have shared some more tips but if you want to delve deeper into influencer marketing then this guide is all you need.

That’s it

If you want to become a successful blogger then you have to find your ‘Why’. It should not be only about money, freedom and fame. But more like a mission- a mission to help people, a mission to excel on something, a mission to make your loved ones proud.

Remember, the journey will get harder in the initial phase. If you don’t have a strong reason then you won’t find the perseverance to succeed.

Just one more thing before I wrap this post,

Get obsessed with providing value to your visitors. Your work should convey to them that you are here to help not to sell, make money and disappear. Online readers are smart, they will sense if you are just pretending to be helpful.

Dropping value to your readers also help you with your SEO. When people start engaging and spending time on your site then Google will reward you with higher rankings.

Lastly, enjoy the whole process. Your first post will only be created once!

Did I miss anything or you have any queries or questions. Let me know in the comment section.

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