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Learn Everything about eBay Affiliate Program and is it Still Worth Promoting?

In the last decade or so, the affiliate program for physical goods was much more flexible and have fewer competition. And that made a lot of bloggers earn 6 figures merely by promoting the eBay and Amazon products.

But the game has changed now. These e-com giants now offer less commission and short cookie period. And almost all the niches have become overcrowded.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t make money with them. Many blogs are still making a significant amount. However, I would suggest not to solely depend on one platform.

That being said, let’s get deep into the eBay affiliate program.

Program Features

eBay is next to Amazon. If you don’t want to promote Amazon products then eBay can be a great option. Or you could do both. Some from Amazon and others from eBay.

The main difference between them is the auction system on eBay. It has worked quite well for both buyers and sellers. For Affiliates? Not so much.

Previously the cookie period was 7 days which is now 24 hours. It means after clicking the affiliate link the buyer has to bid within 24 hours or you won’t get a dime. This change devastated a lot of bloggers.

Anyway, here are the details.

CommissionBetween 50% to 70% of eBay revenue.
Cookie PeriodDirect buy- 24 hours
Auction- 24 hours to place a bid and 10 days to win the bid
Payout22nd of every month (Minimum threshold is $10)
EligibilityAnybody can apply
Sign upeBay Affiliate Program

Commission Structure

The commission varies from 50%-70%. Here are the full commission structure of eBay items.

Don’t get confused you won’t get 50%-70% commission on a product price. It means that you will get 70% commission on eBay profits. If the product price is $100 and the eBay commission is $10 then you will get 70% of $10 that is $7.

Here is the commission structure.

eBay Commission structure

How to find trending products on eBay

There are two ways you can do that.

Firstly, eBay has a separate section to show all the trending products in every category. Head over to Explore eBay and you will find all the trending products and bestsellers in each category. You could also filter your search by country.

eBay best-selling products

Secondly, Go to trending on eBay and you will find 10 products that are hot right now. The products featured here are really good. So, make sure to explore this page when you are looking out for the products.

eBay trending product page

Tips to promote eBay products

  • Your commission will be doubled if the purchase is made by a new user or user who has not purchased for the last 12 months.
  • eBay has a tool called smart placement where users will be displayed personalized ads depending on their browser history and you will still be paid your commission.
  • If you are looking to share eBay affiliate links on social media then you could download a chrome extension called Smart share.

Does eBay affiliate program worth your time?

If you solely want to build your site around eBay products then probably not. Amazon is a far better option.

But you should keep in mind that there are people who still like to buy from auctions and also there are some products which are hard to find anywhere else.

Personally, I think you should sign up for the program, find unique products by following the above methods and promote it along with other products.

Who knows they might turn out to be the best selling item from your blog.

Keep finding, keep testing and sale will follow.

Did I miss anything? Or do you want to share your own experience with eBay? Let me know in the comment section.

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