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Long Tail Pro: Is it any better than a million others?

The market has been saturated with SEO tools. You will find a tool for pretty much every aspect of SEO. Some are free and some are paid but there is a couple of difference between them. First, free tools eat up a lot of your time. Second, the data they pull is a little old, unlike the premium tools which always shows the latest data.

But if you are just starting out with a very limited capital then you should look for the free tools and upgrade to a premium one once you start getting some profit. I am a huge believer in reinvesting the earned money rather than purchasing it from my own pocket.

I’ve been using Jaaxy for a while now and started my free trial on Long Tail Pro. I’ve been using it for 1 month now so I am quite equipped to give you a thorough review here.

Reading this review will give you a great idea about using it. So once you complete it play around with their free trial and see whether it is for you or not? Let’s begin with its quick history.

Quick Background Check

Long Tail Pro was created in 2011 by Spencer Haws. Back then it was desktop software and the market for SEO tools was just getting some momentum. It was also a ClickBank product (still it is) and did quite good for some time.

But after a couple of weeks, the software gets crashed due to some coding issue. The developer denied to hand over the source code to Spencer which was a pretty bad hit. But as they say, persistence always wins. Spencer hired a new developer and started from scratch and finally released the beta version of Long Tail Pro. The rest is history!

It was finally sold in 2016 and since then many new features have been rolling in. They have also decreased their price to $37/month from $47.

Now, let’s head over to all the features that Long Tail Pro offers.

Keyword Research

Look at the screenshot carefully. I want you to understand 5 things in the keyword research section of Long Tail Pro.

Seed Keywords- This is where you have to enter the keywords you are targeting.

In the right-hand side of Seed Keywords, there is a section called suggestions per keyword. Here you can select a number up to 400. Suppose I entered a keyword and select 20 in this box then LTP will show me 20 keywords related to the entered keyword.

Long Tail Pro Dashboard

You could also turn on the Advanced options. It will further filter your keywords by bid amount and monthly searches. Suppose you only want the keywords that have more than 10k searches then you just have to fill the minimum and maximum box in this section.

It is also helpful if you are running an ad campaign and you want to select the keywords that have a certain bid amount.

You also see three sections- Related Keywords, Competitor Keywords and Manual Keywords.

If you choose the related keywords then LTP will show you all the keywords that are related to the keyword that you searched for. You can enter up to 5 keywords at a time. I wonder this is how they get their name?

Long Tail Pro Dashboard

Coming to the Competitor Keywords, here you can enter the URL of any of your competitor’s page and Long Tail Pro will show you all the keywords that this post has been ranking for.

If you search the term in Manual Keywords then it will only show you the data of those exact terms. No related keywords. Here you can enter up to 200 keyword terms.

Next thing, do you see the country mentioned in the right-hand side. This is where you can change the country. The data shown by them will be from the country that you have chosen.

Now, we come to the data shown by the Long Tail Pro.

I’ve searched for the term ‘dog food’. If you are not into running ad campaign then you only need to focus on two things-

Avg.Kc– It denotes the competition of a particular keyword. Anything below 30 is low competition. 30-40 is medium and above 40 is very high competition.

Volume– It shows the average number of searches per month for that particular keyword.

So, select keywords which have low Avg. Kc and high volume. If you don’t find keyword meeting that criteria then you need to go deeper into the search.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research

If you find the keywords that are worth writing for then you need to tick mark the square box in the left and save it to a new project.

SERP Analysis

Say, you are writing about dog food then it’s a good idea if you can analyze all the pages that are currently at the top of the ranking for this particular keyword. You could do it easily with this feature. Head over to the SERP Analysis from the left-hand side and search the keyword.

Long Tail Pro Competitor Analysis

These data will show you the strength and weakness of your competition. Analyze them but don’t get obsessed over it.

Here is what these terms mean-

KC– Keyword competitiveness of this term.

Domain KC– It shows how competitive the domain is for this keyword. More score means higher competition you will get from this domain.

Trust Flow– Higher score shows that the page is linked to high authority sites.

Citation Flow- A higher score means the page is more influential based on how many sites link to it.

Domain Trust Flow– It shows the Trust Flow of the domain rather than a particular page.

Domain Citation Flow– It also shows the Citation Flow of the domain.

Backlinks– It shows the number of backlink to this page.

Page Reference Domains– The number of unique domains referring to this page.

Root Reference Domains– The number of unique domains referring to this domain.

Indexed URLs– It shows the number of URLs this domain have. It can give you an idea about the content size of the domain.

Internal Link– The number of links from this page to another page on this domain.

Rank Tracker

Now, we head over to the Rank Tracker Tool. This is how the dashboard looks like.

In the Add Keywords box, you can add all the keywords that you have targeted on your post.

Then add the URL of your page and select the Search Engine and Location. Finally hit the ‘Add’ button.

Long Tail Pro Rank Tracker

Now, Long Tail Pro will start tracking the rankings of your pages. It will also show you the improved or declined rankings of your page in the default section at the top.

I’ve tracked 3 keywords and it shows the location, rank and ranking of yesterday, last week and last month.

I want you to notice one more thing in the Rank section. The first keyword has a current ranking of 11 which is understandable but the second keyword shows N/A and the third one shows the dash (-) symbol.

Long Tail Pro Rank Tracker

As they have described below in the bottom. A dash means that the keyword is not ranking in the first hundred results.

But I am not sure what does the N/A means, they say that it means the data is not available yet. Maybe it’s because the post has not been indexed yet or the term is ridiculously competitive.

Backlink Analysis

High-quality backlinks are the most integral part of SEO. Absolutely no doubt about that. This feature helps you in many ways.

First, it will show you all the backlinks your domain has generated.

Secondly, it will show you the backlinks of your competitors. Once you know the sites that have linked to your competitors. You can produce content that is 5x better than the already written content and then contact the site owners to replace the link of your competitor with yours. Not easy but a very effective way to build backlinks.

Coming back to the Backlinks Analysis, you just have to enter the URL and Long Tail Pro will show you all the backlinks that are linking to that URL.

It will show you the Trust Flow, Citation Flow, external links and anchor text (clickable text) of the source URL.

Long Tail Pro Backlink Checker

Video Tutorials

Well, Long Tail Pro offers one more feature and that is the training part. They have two courses right now, first is the ‘Long Tail Bootcamp’ and the second one is ‘Long Tail University’. You could take the Long Tail Bootcamp in the free trial but you need to upgrade to the paid version for accessing the Long Tail University.

They also offer a lot of webinars. Here is the webinar for niche sites.

I’ve only checked out a few of the lessons which I found useful but I could not vouch on the overall training quality. There is no harm in trying it out, you might find something new in these lessons.

Long Tail Pro Bootcamp Training


Here comes the pricing part. You can access all the features in all their plan. The only difference is the limit of keyword research, rank tracking and simultaneous logins.

The basic plan gives you 800 keyword research/24 hour and 30 keyword tracking. If you have a blog or a small business the basic plan will be more than enough for you. No need to spend more than that.

Here is the monthly plan. The basic plan costs $37/month.

Long Tail Pro Annual Pricing

The annual plan. Here the basic plan costs $25/month.

Long Tail Pro Monthly Pricing

Do I recommend it?

Yes, I do. The first reason is the pricing. If you have researched the various SEO tools then you know what I’m talking about. Tools which offers all these features easily cost you around $70-100.

The other reason is that it gives you a 7-day free trial. This period is more than enough to make a good decision.

The training is something that you will not found in the majority of other tools. They only have guides on their interface but Long Tail Pro provides the real SEO training. As I already told you that I could not vouch for the quality but you could check the first part in your free trial. And do let me know about it.

That’s it. Thank you for reaching this far. Do you have anything to say? Let me know in the comment section.

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