What is Jaaxy keyword tool

What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool? A detailed insight

Free keyword tools are great if you are starting out your journey and don’t have much money to invest. I’ve myself started blogging with many free tools but as you start to grow, free tools sucks up a lot of your time. The data are also not that accurate as you get from a premium one.

This post is all about yet another keyword tool Jaaxy which offers many different features like keyword research, site rank, search analysis, alphabet soup, etc. (All will make sense later in the post).

I’ve used Jaaxy over a month now and finally decided to give you a deeper insight into these features. Once you finish this post you’ll get a clear idea of whether it fits your need or not. Let’s get started.

Features of Jaaxy

Keyword research

This is the Jaaxy dashboard. The first thing we are gonna do is a keyword research.

What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool- Jaaxy dashboard

Let’s type Matcha tea in the search bar. Once you do the search it shows different columns. The Average and QSR column are the important ones.

Average shows the monthly search for a particular term while the QSR is the competition of this term. More QSR means more competition.

So you should always choose the term which has more average searches with less QSR. One rule of thumb I use is to choose a term which has more than 60 average searches and QSR is less than 150.

What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool- keyword research

It also shows the related terms of Matcha tea on the right-hand side. It can give you a lot of different ideas. Just click any of the terms and it will give you all the details.

You can also save the keywords and organize them in a category. Click the square box before the keyword term and click save to list. Here is how the saved list appears.

What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool- saved list

Site rank

Site rank is another feature of Jaaxy. It allows you to track your website rank in search engines (also called as SERP). Let’s see how this works

First I have to enter the keyword which I am targeting and then the URL of this page. In this case, I’ve searched ‘How to be more productive’ and entered this post’s URL.

It shows you the current ranking in all three search engines. You also have the option to track this keyword daily. In this case, it will update you every day of any change in your rank position. It searches up to the first 20 pages in an enterprise plan.

What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool- site rank feature

Search analysis

Search analysis is basically a tool made for the competitor analysis. It’s simple, just type the keyword that you want to rank for and Jaaxy will show you the first 10-12 results that are ranking for this keyword.

Once you get the result you can check details of each page that you can apply in your own page. Though SEO is not that simple but you can definitely improve your rank by applying these techniques.

What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool- search analysis feature


If you are looking out for trending topics then head over to the Brainstorm section. Here you will find the hot topics from different sources like Google Trends, Alexa Topics and Twitter Trends. It also shows the Amazon best selling products.

You could add any of the term in your brainstorm queue which you can later search in the keyword research section.

What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool- Brainstorm section

Alphabet Soup

When you are googling something then the search bar tries to autocomplete your keyword. This is called alphabet soup. This is a great method to get other content ideas in your niche.

Jaaxy has a similar feature. Here you type any keyword and it will show you the relevant terms from alphabet ‘a’ to ‘z’. Here I have searched protein supplement and it showed me all the related terms that start with each of the alphabets.

The screenshot is for the alphabet ‘a’. You can look up for any alphabet by selecting the letter from the top.

What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool- Alphabet soup

Affiliate Program

If you are into affiliate marketing then this is a useful feature for you. It shows the affiliate program from four different sources- Commission Junction, Link Share, Digital River and Clickbank.

Just type the keyword and select the source then it will pop out all the result.

What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool- Finding affiliate program


Here is the pricing for Jaaxy. The pro version will cost you $49/month and the Enterprise will be $99/month.

What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool- pricing

Pricing if you are a Wealthy Affiliate member

There is something else you should be aware of. If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate Program then you get a Jaaxy lite version for free. Jaaxy lite is great for beginners the one I’m using to show you this review.

But if you want to upgrade at any time then the Pro version will cost you $19/month compared to $49/month (saving $30) and Enterprise version will cost you $49/month compared to $99/month (saving $50).

In case you don’t know, Wealthy Affiliate is all in one platform for online entrepreneurs. It comes with hosting, training, community, site feedback and site comment features. Read my full guide here.

Here is the pricing if you are a Wealthy Affiliate member.

What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool- pricing if you are a Wealthy Affiliate member.
This pricing is applicable only if you are a Wealthy Affiliate member

Final thoughts

When I started out my blogging journey I have used a lot of free tools and some of them offer great value but it also consumes a lot of your time. You can use this time in other important areas like marketing or content creation. We all know success depends on the efficiency of your time.

Coming back to Jaaxy, I’ve shown you the various features that Jaaxy offers. You can play around with them and see for yourself whether it’s a good fit for you or not.

I’m a die hard fan of Wealthy Affiliate but I don’t want to push you on this direction. You can check them out and see for yourself. You can also have a trial period of Jaaxy within this platform.

Do you use any other tools? Share your experience with us.

Learn more about the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

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