What is wealthy affiliate program? An insider’s insight

What is Wealthy Affiliate program?

Last year, I was taking another course on affiliate marketing. The trainer mentioned the wealthy affiliate program and provided a link to sign up. Out of curiosity I signed up for the free version and started exploring the platform.

I’ve read a lot about Wealthy Affiliate (WA) but most contents are only focussed on persuading the visitors to join instead of giving them a clearer picture.

There are a couple of reasons for this. One, they pay a handsome commission to their affiliates probably the best in the market. Two, It is by far the most evolved platform for affiliates resulting in a great conversion rate (1 in 8 free member upgrades to premium).

I am a fan of Wealthy Affiliate because it has helped me to thrive in this business but unlike others, I am not going to honk the praises. My intent is to give you detailed insight and tell you exactly what really is Wealthy Affiliate.

A quick note before we start- I’ll get a commission if you join the program with my links at no extra cost to you.

The premium version

Wealthy affiliate was founded in 2005 by Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim. They have started it as a community which gets evolved over time and now offers almost everything in one platform. Here is the detailed feature.

Wealthy Affiliate Program- Kyle and Carson
Kyle and Carson


This is the biggest perk of being a premium member. You get connected to thousands of other affiliates. If you get stuck in anything, you can either write a post for help or join in a live chat or privately message someone and you will get a response within minutes.

Affiliate journey is hard. You will face a lot of difficulties in your journey and sometimes you will be tempted to quit. This is where the support comes. Every day you will hear a lot of success stories. Members regularly share their milestones of the first sale or $500, $1000 or $10000. This can boost your motivation and keeps you from quitting.

Wealthy Affiliate Program- Success story


The best part of their training is that it frequently gets updated. You won’t find any outdated resource here. The training is available in both videos and text format taught by the co-founder Kyle himself.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

They just don’t throw everything and make it overwhelming instead, they will walk you step by step on creating a real affiliate business. Generally, it will take you a month or two to complete the training called “Online Entrepreneur Certification”.

Wealthy Affiliate Program- Training

Training Headquarter

There is a section called “Training Headquarter” where you can access all the training created by expert members. The training list is extensive and you can find pretty much everything related to Internet marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Program- Online Entrepreneur Certification

Affiliate Bootcamp Training

Affiliate Bootcamp Training teaches you to become an affiliate for WA. Every member is automatically provided with their affiliate link and it’s up to the member whether he promotes the program or not.

Wealthy Affiliate Program- Bootcamp

Super Affiliate Challenge

If you don’t get satisfied with all of the above training. Then this one is for you. You won’t get such detailed affiliate training anywhere else. This is a 12 month training period and called “Super Affiliate Challenge” and one training session is released every month. By the time of writing this post, 9 months of training has been out, 3 are yet to come.

Wealthy Affiliate Program- Super affiliate challenge
Super Affiliate Challenge

Sign up for the free training

Hosting for WordPress

Wealthy Affiliate provides you the ability to host 25 of your own websites (extra 25 for siterubix extensions). They claim to provide advance hosting which easily cost $250-$300 per month in any other platform. I don’t know about that but I’ve not come across any complaints about hosting.

They also provide free SSL encryption, virus and malware protection and site health.

Wealthy Affiliate Program- Hosting plan comparison

Writing platform

Their writing platform is similar to Grammarly. You can check your grammar or writing mistakes in the content.

Plagiarism Checker is also included which compares your content to billion other web pages for duplicate content. It will help you if you don’t write the content yourself and hire a professional. We all know how bad duplicate content is for SEO.

They also provide various templates which are helpful to create different kinds of content like an About me page, review post or privacy policy.

Jaaxy- keyword, niche and website researcher

This is a real time saver. You will get access to billions of keywords in a matter of seconds. It will sort out all the keyword with different level of competition for a particular niche. In the beginning, you should start with low competition keywords that will help you to climb up the ranking in lesser time.

Site rank is another great feature inside Jaaxy. You can determine your real-time website ranking on Google for your targeted keyword. It will also tell you whether your rank has gone up or down since your last search.

Apart from this, you can use Jaaxy for search analysis which gives you the top 10 result for a particular keyword, to find affiliate program in your niche and find the trending topics in the brainstorm section.

Wealthy Affiliate Program- Jaaxy dashboard
keyword research using Jaaxy

Watch how to do keyword research using Jaaxy

Affiliate Program

WA has one of the most exciting affiliate programs, in fact, most of their members are only depended on the promotion of WA and make a considerable amount.

If you are a premium member you will get a 50% recurring commission on your referral. But if you haven’t upgraded to premium then this commission will be 25% each referral. They also offer a lifetime cookie.

Wealthy Affiliate Program- Commission structure

If you reach 300 premium referrals in a year you will get invited to Super Affiliate Conference in Vegas. Your full trip will be covered by WA.

Wealthy Affiliate Program- Las Vegas Conference

Additional features

You earn some credit if you offer site comment or site feedback to other members. These credits can be used to get the same to your own website. It’s like a give and take relation.

You could even earn money for providing comment to other members. But comment has to be genuine because they follow a very strict policy to filter out the dry and spammy comments.

Another way to earn money is to create training on the platform. You will get paid depending on the views you get on your course.

The free version

If you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate you are offered a trial version without entering any card details. The free version will give you a good idea about the platform. Here is what you get.

  • You get hosting for 2 websites (siterubix extension) but different features like SSL and malware scans are not available.
  • You have full access to their writing platform but plagiarism is not included.
  • You can comment on any post written by fellow members but you won’t be able to write your own post or send a private message to someone.
  • You could search for 30 keywords in Jaaxy.
  • You only get 25% commission if you refer someone to WA compare to 50% for premium member.
Wealthy Affiliate Program- Starter vs Premium subscription comparison


If you upgrade to premium within 7 days of joining the free version. The price will be $19 for the first month. This can be a viable option if you are still in doubt and don’t want a long term commitment yet.

After that, the price will be

Wealthy Affiliate Program- Pricing structure

Who shouldn’t sign up for Wealthy Affiliate

  • Don’t have crazy expectations. Many marketers promote WA as a Get Rich Quick scheme but it teaches you to build a real affiliate business. The more work you put in the sooner you get the result. You can expect 3-6 months to earn a decent income.
  • If you are starting out you might not have the capital to invest. That’s perfectly alright, you can wait for some money to roll in and reinvest in the platform at the later stage.
  • It can be overwhelming because of a lot of features, especially for beginners.
  • Highly addictive like any other social media platform. Don’t do unproductive things and use your time wisely.
  • It won’t be of much help to you if you are not into the affiliate business.


Their evolving nature has helped them to stand the test of time for 14 years. In spite of its immense popularity, the pricing has never been changed.

The details mentioned here is more than enough to make a sound decision. Still, I highly recommend you to sign up for the free version and take level 1 of the Entrepreneur Certification training, it will provide you the correct mindset to succeed in the affiliate world.

Undoubtedly, there is no other platform like this which bundles everything in the same place. If you are a blogger or getting into blogging this can save you a lot of time and money.

Best of luck! Comment your questions below and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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