A detective looking through magnifying glass- What to look before choosing an affiliate product

What to look before choosing an affiliate product?

What good is the traffic if it doesn’t convert. If that’s the case then you are not alone. Majority of affiliates have a similar story. I’ve written this guide to give you everything you need to know before choosing an affiliate product.

There are a lot of gurus who write about becoming a successful affiliate. But it’s hard to find a good source which explains you the most important part of affiliate marketing that is choosing the right product.

16 Tips for Choosing a Great Affiliate Product


If you are promoting a product then you have to have all the details about the commission you get after each sale. Some programs increase their commission once you make certain sales and some have a fixed rate. Make sure that you know everything about their commission structure.

Tools and Resources

Once you join a program you will be provided with links, banners and tools to help you in promoting their product. So have a good look at everything they offer. Good banners and tools will increase the clicks and also help you in a great conversion rate.

I also like good resources provided by the company. These companies gather a lot of data on how can you convert a visitor into potential customers. They will generally have a separate training section on their page or provide you a pdf via mail. These resources will give you a lot of new information and ideas. So, keep an eye on your inbox.

Evergreen products

This section is not exactly about the affiliate products but the niche selection for your blog. The point I am trying to make is to find a niche where you will never run out of customers. Ex-Health, make money online, technology, etc.

There will always be people looking for weight loss or making money online or interested in new technologies.

Landing page

Once you choose a link or a banner of a specific product. Firstly, make sure it is working properly. Secondly, carefully evaluate the landing page. This is where the customer will land. And how well this page is optimized plays a huge role in conversion.

Think like your customers. Does this page provide enough information to make a purchasing decision? Does the page has good ratings and reviews? Are there any videos (in digital products) that explain a lot more about the product?

Choose what you love

If you are promoting a product that you absolutely love then it will be visible in your writing. And this is a good thing. If you honestly believe that this product can be great for your audience then it will make more sales than any other products you sell.


This is the obvious one. But it’s worth repeating because I’ve seen people who write technology blogs and sell health items. Do you think they will ever get a sale? Don’t do that.

Find the products that best suit your niche. And if you are promoting a product inside a blog post then make sure the product resemble with the content you’ve written.

Also, decide a niche and then find the affiliate products not the other way round.

Extensive research on affiliate products

Suppose I want to promote an online course on a specific topic.

Which will be better?

Doing a quick Google search and choose any one of the course which pops up in the first page.

Doing a quick Google search, making a list of high-rated courses and then taking it by myself and finally promoting the one which I found most effective.

Many will consider option 1 because it looks easy and more beneficial but this is far from the truth. Let’s see what happens if you choose option 2.

  1. Once you complete the course you will have gained a lot of knowledge about this particular topic. Now you can write 2-3 great blog posts in this area.
  2. You are promoting a course that you personally liked. It means the course is high-quality which in turn result in a much more conversion rate.

Finding a target audience

I’ve emphasized this point everywhere in my blog posts. This is super important. You need to know who your audience is. If you know your audience then only you can write much better blogs and also promote the best products for your audience.

Ask yourself- Who is going to read my blog? What are they interested in? Does my audience belong to a certain age group or gender? What can I do to help them?

Answering these questions will give you a lot of clarity on your customer base.

Think of the problems

Put yourself on your customer’s shoes and think of the problems they face in their day to day activities. Make a list of all the problems that come within your niche.

And now think of the products that can solve these problems and make the list of all the products you come across. Now, do extensive research and narrow it down to the best of all the products.

High-priced product

It’s simple maths.

Suppose I sell a product worth $10 at 10% commission then my profit will be $1.

Now if I sold a product worth $100 at 10% commission then the profit will be $10.

In the first case, I need 10 customers to make it to $10 whereas I only need one customer to get that $10 in the second option.

So, select the products which are expensive. Even if you are able to sell only a few items, the commission will be much more than the cheap products.

Cookie period

This is the most important part of any affiliate product. In case you don’t know about cookie period- Suppose a product has a 30-day cookie period then it means that if a customer clicks your link and make a purchase within 30 days then you will still get your commission even if they directly visit the product page afterward.

Generally you will get a higher cookie period for digital products like 60 days or 90 days whereas sites like Amazon, eBay only provide 24 hours cookie. It seems low but they have a much higher conversion compared to the digital products.


Once you’ve made a sale, how will you get paid- is it through PayPal or direct deposit? And is there any extra charges that they deduct? And when do you get paid? Some payments are made weekly, monthly or some might take as long as 60 days. Read there T&C and find out these answers. It’s important for your peace of mind!

Customer support

If you are joining an affiliate marketplace then testing their support is a good idea. Gauge their support quality by asking a lot of questions. It can give you a great idea about their support quality.

Quality of product

If you don’t promote a quality product then you will have a hard time selling the item. Even if you are able to make sales, it will badly hurt your reputation and you will lose hard-build trust with your audience. I always suggest to use the product before promoting but if you are not willing to take the long road then do a quick Google search for the product and check the reviews.


It’s important to not choose a product if it is oversaturated. The best example of an oversaturated product is web hosting, mobile covers, earphones, etc. I’m not saying that you should not choose these products but don’t solely rely on only these type of products. Having a combination of high and low competition products will increase your profit.

Google Trends

If you find a product that you think is worth promoting then do a quick search on Google Trend. It will give you a good idea of how the product is performing in recent months or years. If you see a consistent decline then it’s better to avoid such a product.

The End…

There is no product which is good in every aspect. Some might offer a higher cookie period and low commission or the other way round. But you need to choose a product which can be a great addition to your visitors.

You also need to regularly experiment with the placement of links and banners. You might notice that banner placed in a certain position are attracting more clicks than any other place.

Also, do keep an eye on conversion rate. If the conversion rate is very low of a certain product then it’s time to replace the product with something else.

That’s all. Glad that you reached till the end.

Did I miss anything? Or do your have any other suggestion? Do let me know in the comment section.

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